Seven Best Diet Options To Simplify Weight Reduction

Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal
Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet

The year 2021 is here, and you might have set some health objectives for yourself to achieve by this year. Is weight loss part of those plans? If yes, you might wish to follow a particular food eating pattern to cut weight more easily than you would without dieting. Here is a list of those diet options from US News panelists who ranked these, to help you with achieving the goal this year. The list is in ascending order and the best diet in weight reduction is the one shared in the last part of the post.

Vegetarian Diet

There are some different forms of this plant-based diet. Several individuals follow an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, which excludes fish and meat, but includes dairy items and egg. Lacto-vegetarian diet followers avoid eggs, whereas ovo-vegetarian dieters also exclude dairy items. That causes the latter option to be almost the same as a vegan diet.

This diet is known for being conducive to a healthy heart as well as nutrition-wise sound. Anyhow, the panel members ranked it last as following it can take much work. They considered the reality that some individuals will miss consuming meat when ranking it, which contributed to its last place here.

Engine 2 Diet

This form of diet comprises an abundance of vegan consumer goods, plus it is low in fat. Those plant sources include legumes, fruits, whole grains, and veggies. This diet lacks vegetable oil, shake, and refined grain. Some individuals appreciate it for it includes whole foods, but they consider it an overtly-restrictive diet, which makes it tough to maintain for a long period. It requires much meal preparations and planning too.

Raw Food Diet

It may be low in calories, but you could find it very cumbersome to be on this diet for a long period. Therefore, it ranks low in this compilation of diets meant to simplify weight loss. According to diet proponents, cooking destroys most immune system-boosting nutrients and vitamins present in plants. For that reason, some experts feel that it is a better idea to consume those food items in raw form.

Anyhow, it takes tedious meal preparation with some pricey pieces of equipment, plus it mainly rules out opportunities of dining out with loved ones. One of the expert panel members stated that following it well entails much effort and commitment, as well as sacrifice and knowledge.

Ornish Diet

Low in refined carbohydrates, animal protein, and fat, this diet suits those who are attempting to reduce their body weight, blood pressure levels, and the possibility of cancer. Are you attempting to reverse cardiovascular disease? If yes, it would be your best diet option because fat is the potential source of just 10% of calories per day.

The San Francisco-based University of California’s professor, Dean Ornish, developed the diet, so it is named after him. It classifies food into 5 groups that range from the healthiest to the least healthy. That helps the diet followers to decide which food items to consume frequently and in moderate quantities, plus which ones to avoid. Besides food, this diet also requires equipoising between resistance training, aerobic activities, and flexibility, plus meditation and breathing exercises to manage stress.

Volumetrics Diet

When you are not keen on being on a structured food eating pattern, the diet is perhaps the best option for your weight loss plan. The book ‘The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet’ groups food into 4 classes on the basis of its density of energy.

Category 1 food items are regarded as being very low in terms of density, and these products include non-starchy produce such as kale and berries, broth soups, and fatless milk. Category 2 has low-density food items like starchy veggies and fruits such as sweet potatoes and bananas, legumes, grains, meat low in fat, and cereals. Category 3 comprises medium-density food items like meat, pizza, cheese, ice cream, bread, and cake. Category 4 has high-density food items that you have to consume moderately, such as chips, crackers, butter, cookies and more.

Vegan Diet

When it comes to reducing body weight, this comes in at the rank identical to the volumetrics food eating pattern. It has no specific structure; the goal of following it is to exclude every animal derivative, including any product having gelatin as well as whey margarine.

It is no wonder why the diet is beneficial in reducing weight because it mainly comprises vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and whole grains. All of those diet ingredients contain low saturated fat levels. The thing with following the food eating pattern is that that move could result in you lacking key minerals and vitamins, namely iron and vitamin B-12. So, you would need proper supplementation to avoid being deficient of those substances.

The Flexi Diet

The panelists deemed this the ideal diet for body weight reduction. It does not require fully excluding meat; instead, you may have animal flesh when feeling the desire for it. There is a book from the dietician and author Dawn Jackson Blatner that details a 5-week meal program on the basis of a 3-4-5 regime. That refers to breakfast options having 300 calories, lunch choices with 400 calories, and dinners with 500 calories. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need more calories than the above-mentioned.