Best High Protein Vegetables

Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal
Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet

Following a vegan diet is very beneficial for your health and the environment. Plant-based foods contain a wide range of nutrients that help in maintaining good health by lowering the risk of developing many health disorders, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, etc.

Plant-based foods are rich in nutrients. However, you can develop certain nutrient deficiencies if you have a poor vegan meal plan. We all know that animal products are the greatest source of protein. Some plants are rich in protein, including peanuts, chickpeas, and fruits, etc. You need to include such plants in your vegan diet.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the vegetables that are rich in plant-based protein.


Asparagus is rich in a wide range of nutrients. 3 grams of protein is present in one cup of asparagus. It is also high in vitamin K, riboflavin, and folate. Studies have shown that asparagus possess anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The fructooligosaccharides present in asparagus provide prebiotic benefits that stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your intestine. People usually eat asparagus as a side dish or include it in salads.


This leafy green vegetable is rich in nutrients. The amount of protein in one cup of spinach is about 0.7 %. It is also rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. The plant compounds present in this leafy green vegetable is very beneficial in reducing inflammation and facilitates antioxidant defense.

Collard Greens

3 grams of protein and 32 calories are present in 100 grams of collard greens. It is packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. Collard green is also a great source of calcium, potassium, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds. Some studies are showing a link between the high antioxidant levels in collard greens and decreased risk of prostate cancer.


Broccoli is rich in protein with all the beneficial amino acids. 2.5 grams of protein is present in one cup of chopped broccoli. Vitamin C and K, folate, potassium, and phosphorous are also abundant in broccoli. This popular veggie also has a decent amount of calcium. Some studies are showing that broccoli possesses anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.


Like most of the other leafy green vegetables, cauliflower is also rich in protein. Almost 2 grams of protein is present in 100 grams of cauliflower. It is also a great source of vitamin C and K, calcium, iron, phosphorous, and magnesium. Cauliflower is rich in sinigrin, a glucosinolate compound which possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer properties.