Benefits Of Including Black Pepper In Your Diet

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Vegan Meal

Black pepper is a great option for you to spice up your vegan meals. Known as the “king of spices”, black pepper is a widely used staple in most cuisines across the world. It is also a common ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines because of the large number of beneficial plant compounds this spice carries.

Black pepper is well-known for its potent health benefits. So including them in your vegan diet can be greatly advantageous for you. Some of the best benefits of black pepper are listed below:

High In Antioxidants

The potent antioxidants present in black pepper can be a great aid for you to fight various damages caused by the activity of free radicals. Even though free radicals are compounds that are naturally produced in the body, excess amounts of these compounds can damage your healthy cells and lead to different illnesses including heart diseases, dementia, and even cancer.

But the antioxidants in pepper and other plant-based foods you eat can be beneficial for eliminating free radicals thereby reducing the possibility of various diseases caused by them.

Carry Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the major reasons that can increase the chance of many health conditions including heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc. is chronic inflammation. However, the consumption of black pepper is found to reduce inflammation to certain levels.

Piperine, which is the major active compound present in black pepper, is found to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies conducted in rats with arthritis showed that piperine helped to reduce joint swelling considerably. This compound was also found to help with suppressing the inflammation in the airways resulting from conditions like asthma.

Might Improve Brain Function

In some animal studies, piperine is also found to boost brain function. It was demonstrated to be beneficial for controlling the symptoms associated with different degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. Piperine improved memory in rats with Alzheimer’s and it is also found to reduce the formation of amyloid plaques, which are closely associated with degenerative diseases.

May Control Blood Sugar Levels

Piperine might also be beneficial for improving blood sugar metabolism that can help with controlling the spike in blood sugar levels. It may also improve insulin sensitivity which can be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

Boost The Absorption Of Nutrients

Black pepper is found to enhance the absorption of certain nutrients. For example, it can boost the absorption of curcumin, which is a beneficial compound present in turmeric.

Because of the wide range of medicinal properties carried by black pepper, including them in your vegan meals can be greatly beneficial for you.