Make Vegan Cooking Easier: Batching It

Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal
Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet

The whole reason behind many of us switching to a vegan diet or going plant-based would have to be dumping the animal products and the love for the welfare of all things living. That can take a back seat when we are unable to find time to cook and prepare. The whole exercise becomes futile and we end up ordering out or heading to the comfort foods which do a whole load of damage.

Is there a better way of cooking that can make us better at preparing our vegan meals? Surprisingly there is-batch cooking is the answer.

Batch Cooking

The whole idea of batch cooking vegan meals involves prior preparation and planning. Knowing what to cook when and having the right ingredients and raw materials to make the time in the kitchen a cakewalk is the whole idea of batch cooking.

Foods That You Can Include In Your Batch Cooking

Fruits never get old. Make sure to buy a fresh variety of fruits such as pears, apples, raspberries, peaches, grapes, oranges, mangoes and so on. Have a special place on the table or the fridge where you can fill in the fruits. Do wash them before you take a bite. Frozen grapes are a great snack which you can wash, freeze and keep.

Watermelons, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew and mango are some examples of refreshing fruits that can be cut and kept in sealed containers. You may even freeze in some ripe bananas- these are excellent ingredients for smoothies or even pancakes!

Make Salads…Plenty Of Them!

Make sure to have sliced veggies on-call, cleanly stored in containers. Carrots, cucumbers, bell pepper, celery and scallions are great toppings that you can put in your salad bowls. Be sure to stock up on the greens and have them washed, and ready to be used.

To make the salads taste better, you can have an assortment of dressings using yeast, Italian herbs and the vinegar of your choice. Some of the favorites include miso ginger, thousand islands and non-dairy caesar ranch.

Soup- Keep A Big Pot On Stand-By

Having vegetable broth can help you make some amazing soup all within no time. make sure to decide beforehand what sort of soups you would like to slurp, so that you waste no time when you are back from the long day, and make the day even longer by deciding on what it is that you would cook. There are many fun and imaginative ways in which you can make your soups absolutely lip-smacking- All you need to do is search.