Gelatin Substitutes Every Vegan Should Try

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Vegan Meal

From jams to Jello shots, many sweets include gelatin and so vegans do not use them. Gelatin is obtained from the cartilage and bones of animals and so it does not have a place in vegan diet plans. What if a person following a vegan meal plan craves jellies? Thanks to the vegan gelatin substitutes discussed below. Vegans can also make jellies with these gelatin substitutes.


Carrageenan is also known as Irish moss and is obtained from dried red seaweed. It gets a gel-like consistency when it is boiled. Carrageenan is an ingredient of many store-bought food items. You can find it in food items like frozen pizza, chocolate milk, and ice cream. Of course, these food items are not traditionally vegan, but carrageenan is certainly vegan. It is available in the form of powder and when compared to gelatin, it has a softer texture.


It is a fiber that can be obtained from the cell walls of a variety of fruits. When this fiber is heated and mixed with sugars and acids, it results in the formation of a thick substance with a gel-like consistency. It can be used in place of gelatin to make jams and jellies. Commercial pectin obtained from citrus fruits and apples is available in the form of flakes or powder. It can also be used as a gelling, thickening, and stabilizing agent. When compared to gelatin, pectin is more syrup-like and gummy. You need to mix it with liquid and heat to prepare carrageenan.


It is also known as Katen or agar and is a flavorless substance with a jelly-like consistency. It is found on the cell walls of red algae. In many Asian countries, agar is used in puddings, custards, and jellies. Agar-agar can be used to thicken, emulsify and gel food items. Agar is generally available in the form of flakes or powder. You just have to dissolve it in hot water to use it. Allow it to sit for about an hour for it to thicken.

Vegan Jel 

Rather than being a single ingredient based product, it is the combination of many types of products. Depending on the manufacturer, it can contain tapioca dextrin, vegetable gum, and carrageenan. Store-bought vegan jel has a texture and consistency close to that of gelatin. After all, it was made exactly to replace gelatin. While using vegan jel, it will be best if you could follow the directions given in the package, as the ingredients will vary by brand.