Five Food Items That Are Unexpectedly Not Vegan

Vegan Consumer Goods
Vegan Consumer Goods
Vegan Consumer Goods
Vegan Consumer Goods

There are certain food items that some may regard as vegan, but many others do not. Even so, there also exist products that are non-vegan, and you might know these in the event you have enough knowledge about veganism. Here is a list of those products that every ardent follower of a vegan diet rejects.


This is a rather contentious product in the global vegan community, with some regarding it as a plant-based product and others excluding it in their diet. It should not be a part of vegan consumer goods because human beings exploit bees to get honey from these insects. Bees are part of the broader category of animals, and vegans are supposed to avoid consuming animal derivatives. So, it is understandable why vegans avoid honey: due to their wish to end animal exploitation.


Oftentimes, white sugar undergoes refining, a process that possibly involves the utilization of bone charcoal. It may not directly be an animal product, but the application of this substance derived from cattle bone makes it non-vegan. It is also possible to make powdered, brown and raw forms of sugar from it.

To determine your best choice, be sure to have a thorough look at the sugar ingredients. Some useful alternatives to it are agave nectar and maple syrup.

Shellac-Based Candies

Some candies are possibly against the age-old notions of veganism. In the event candies come with a glossy coating, this usually might come from shellac. Are you confused? You do not have to be because shellac is the resin that female lac insects excrete. So, you should not consume these candies in the event you wish to go fully vegan.

Peanuts That Contain Gelatine

These are also not vegan-friendly products and for a good reason. Packaged and shelled peanuts could just have gelatine in the form of an added component, which makes these protein-rich products non-vegan.

The key is to verify the label, as it is the case with any other food item you are thinking about purchasing. You must do it because producers strategically put non-vegetarian components at the places of product packages that are not easily noticeable.

Soy Cheese With Casein

Some soy cheese products have casein in the form of an additive. The word ‘casein’ refers to a protein in livestock milk. It, being included in soy cheese, makes the product non-vegan. If it is not added, then soy cheese would be a vegan product.